Higher education leaders have a responsibility to prepare students to become responsible and engaged participants in our democracy, and that includes, most importantly, to exercise the right and duty to register and to vote.


We are asking that college and university leaders commit their institutions to actively working toward the goal of full student participation in the 2020 election by acknowledging the following:

1. the responsibility of higher education institutions to prepare students to be informed and active citizens


2. the importance of the student voice in all elections (local, state, and presidential); and


3. the need for both curricular and cocurricular experiences to shape and support the development of college students into becoming lifelong voters and engaged community members.


To achieve these goals, I commit to providing my institution with the the leadership and support to fully engage in all elections- and voting-related learning opportunities, by:

Becoming ALL IN — Join the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge.


Striving toward Full Student Voter Participation — Designate staff (administration and faculty) to lead efforts to strive for full participation among the campus community.


Making a Statement — By signing on to the Higher Education Presidents’ Commitment to Full Student Voter Participation, college and university leaders are making visible and public their commitment to their campuses.


I pledge my leadership and support to higher education stakeholders to ensure all students learn about and participate in elections.